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The internet, unfortunately, has its share of imposters and thieves. The internet was built on trust, and used to be a network primarily connecting large universities engaged in research and teaching. Many of the technical standards relied on trustworthy, intelligent people doing the right thing. As the net evolved, soon the clientele were less lawful and more strategic, but the systems desinged on trust remained in much the way that we still use the QWERTY typewriter key arrangement on computer keyboards. That is why it is possible, and easy, for anyone with a bit of training to forge an email and appear to be someone else. This is not a matter of someone illegally using Linuxfutures' facilities or equipment. If only it were, then we could stop it. Forged email is created by con artists, and dumped into the internet at weak points in others' networks that allow the onward flow of email with no verification of the sender's true identity. gives away, via sourceforge, a set of php and html files that implement a futures trading game similar in spirit to, where players bet units of play money on community-created futures markets.

Due to time and resource constraints, the web site was shut down in 2001 and is no longer active.

Our game differed by using aggregate supply/demand based pricing, and also offers margin-borrowing and forced-sales when people go bankrupt.

The original authors of the code made quite a bit of headway, operating a working site for a few months. Inevitably, real life intruded in, and the project has been dormant for some time.